Conventional cancer treatments are often our most effective weapon against cancer.

Unfortunately, these treatments are frequently so harsh that they also weaken the body’s natural ability to heal.

We help cancer patients lessen the negative effects of conventional treatments, while supporting their ability to fight cancer. As a result, our patients don’t fall into the normal statistics. While most people undergoing chemotherapy experience severely compromised immune systems, our patients’ immune systems actually improve during their holistic cancer treatment in NYC. In essence, we use natural medications to neutralize the negative effects associated with conventional treatment, so that only the positive effects remain.


Because the microbiome plays such a critical role in immune system function, we start by testing for bacterial overgrowth and inflammation. Then, we treat the findings accordingly with diet, targeted herbs, and other supplements. In addition, we use autonomic response testing to understand how the body responds to biochemical and energetic signatures, which allows us to detect yeast and parasites that are frequently missed in stool tests.


At Kellman Center, we blend art and science by examining all of the body’s systems and how they interact, including the gut, the brain, and inflammatory markers. By looking at their effects on other body systems and on biomarkers, we can see the downstream effects that are often missed by conventional testing.

We look deeper to evaluate each person as an individual. Understanding how the body is responding to the cancer, as well as to the conventional treatment, allows us to offer the best of both worlds: cancer treatments work better, and the patient feels better throughout the process.


We develop a personalized therapy regimen that supplements conventional cancer treatments and supports the patient’s ability to fight cancer. The patient’s body grows stronger, and his or her immune system can mobilize healing resources to fight the disease. Prescribed treatments may include the following:

  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Natural compounds
  • Intravenous nutrition
  • Intravenous detoxification
  • Ozone therapy


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