Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy

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Sunetics laser utilizes medical grade cold laser technology to re-energize weakened

hair follicles restoring hair growth.


Approximately 80 million people in America suffer from excessive hair loss, 95% of

which is androgenetic alopecia or male/female pattern baldness. In the past,

patients were left with less than desirable treatment options including surgery,

topical or oral medications or inefficient lasers. Breakthroughs in technology have

brought forth the use of Sunetics, an FDA approved device targeting androgenetic

alopecia to restore hair growth without pain, heat or side effects.

Hair growth happens in a continuous cycle marked by three phases. The anagen

phase is a time of creation and growth producing up to 6” of hair per year and

lasting from 2-6 years. During the transitional catagen phase, the follicle takes 1-3

weeks to prepare for rest. Finally the telogen or resting phase begins lasting 1-4

months during which the hair shaft loosens and sheds while preparing for new

growth. At any given moment 10-15% of follicles are in this normal resting period

however, hormones, stressors, body chemicals like dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and

genetics may cause the cycle to stall here creating hair loss.

The Sunetics laser is a medical grade cold laser device using dispersion technology

to target all areas prone to hair loss at once. This is different than other machines

limited by a dime sized treatment radius. With Sunetics, the head is flooded with

low-level red spectrum light safely and comfortably restoring health to all follicles in

the treatment area simultaneously. Follicles become energized and reenter the

anagen phase.


*Men and women suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia

*Men and women suffering from early stage hair loss

*Hair loss associated with hormonal imbalance

*Women with diffuse hair loss

*Post-menopausal women with hair loss

*Men and women with hereditary pattern hair loss

*Those suffering from medication associated hair loss such as chemotherapy

*Hair loss associated with illness, inflammation and nutrient deficiency

*Women experiencing post-partum hair loss

How does it work in the body?

The Sunetics laser energy penetrates deep into the scalp where it’s absorbed by hair

follicles. Cells become stimulated though a process called photobiostimulation

triggering an increase in ATP or cellular energy production. This process removes

harmful DHT and allows the follicle to heal. Additionally, the laser energy increases

blood flow in the scalp and oxygen and nutrient uptake while removing blockages

caused by build up of stagnant waste products, dead cells and DHT. Over time, this

improved environment leads to increased cellular activity. Dying hair follicles heal

and regrow healthy, normal, thick terminal hairs.

Physiological Mechanisms

* Increases circulation

* Increases removal of DHT, waste products and toxins

* Decreases follicular inflammation

* Increases oxygen uptake

* Increases nutrient availability

Cellular Mechanisms

* Improves metabolism and protein synthesis

* Increases production of ATP

* Energize and repair the weakened follicle

* Increases cellular stimulation of the follicle


During a Sunetics session, patients sit comfortably under a hood emitting a peaceful

red light. There is no heating element or pain associated with this therapy. Patients

are free to speak on the phone or work on a laptop during the 20-minute session. At

the conclusion, a bell will ring signaling the patient it’s time to lift the hood and


Patients signing up for Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy are put on a 6-month program.

The first 12 weeks consist of two visits per week while the next 12 only require 1.

Some patients continue with 2 sessions per month for up to 6 additional months.

Typically patients can expect to see improvements in 3 phases. During the first 2

months, hair loss is stabilized, reducing the amount of shedding and thinning.

During months 2-4 existing hair becomes thicker, fuller and healthier. Months 4-7

see actual hair regrowth with new thick full sized hairs returning.