YVETTE P. (excerpt of a letter)

Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Thyroid Disease

“I have been meaning to write you to express how much gratitude I have towards you and your staff. I don’t know if you know how much of an impact you have been to Devin and me. At the time I was a single mother with limited means and you always worked out an arrangement to accommodate me. I want to thank you for that, it meant the world to me.

As a hyper five-year-old I brought my son to you, out of desperation, on a referral from a great friend of mine. I had come because I needed a physician who would write a letter stating that the vitamins I was giving him were not harmful. I had asked many doctors but you were the only doctor who helped me – you earned my loyalty.

Other doctors would tell me that my son had Autism. But you never labeled him. Right away you insisted on new blood work and discovered his low thyroid (characteristic in Autism). Under your treatment my son blossomed into the great thirteen-year-old boy he is today.

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and my son.”*

* Individual results may vary.


Treatment for Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Thyroid Disease

“Our son has been a patient at the Kellman Center since March 2016. Our son has Down Syndrome, hypothyroidism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Right before our first appointment he had a major regression. After seeing Dr. Kellman – and by the grace of God, our son is now talking more, is potty trained and can understand and follow instructions very well. He has received awards from his school and was recently ‘student of the month.’ He is learning, socializing more and communicating his needs. He is also more forward and attentive.

I also became a patient of Dr. Kellman. After our initial consultation and labs I began treatment for a long-existing illness related to my thyroid. I began taking supplements, getting B12 injections and receiving IV treatments.  I am now on my way to living a healthy life.” *

* Individual results may vary.


Treatment for Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Unexplained Fatigue, Headaches

“I started seeing Dr. Kellman after four years of seeing other doctors for headaches, chronic fatigue and severe joint pain. Traditional medicine had nothing to offer and most doctors repeatedly told me that nothing was wrong with me and that I was just stressed out. It was a very distressing time in my life because I did not feel well EVER. It has been only three months since I’ve started seeing Dr. Kellman and my symptoms have substantially improved. Dr. Kellman listens to every detail I bring forward and critically evaluates how to improve my health. I am looking forward to continuing on this path with him and I have full confidence that he is going to get me back to feeling like myself again.” *

*Individual results may vary.


Treatment for Digestive Disfunction

“I came in complaining of bloating, lower digestive and upper digestive pain. Dr. Kellman immediately did tests that no other doctors had done. He put me on many supplements and has slowly gotten rid of almost all of my issues. I am now treating the last of the problems causing my bloating. I am feeling much better and everything given to me was natural which was important (my problems were caused from antibiotics – five years ago). I started seeing Dr. Kellman 15 months ago and my problems are now almost completely gone!” *

* Individual results may vary.


“I was searching for answers for a condition that appeared out of nowhere. Upon doing research I found Dr. Kellman who did some tests to get to the root of the evil. I’m satisfied with his approach to medicine and his treatment of me and his patients. The environment is calm and most of the staff is very nice and informative.” *

* Individual results may vary.


Age 54, lost 40 pounds* in six months on the Microbiome Diet

“Dr. Kellman really cares about getting to the bottom of things. He sits down and listens to you. He’s the only doctor who has been able to help heal my symptoms, clear my head, and help me lose weight. I now understand that your stomach and your gut really rule your body and have much to do with what you’re feeling mentally. My head is so much clearer now.”

*Individual results my vary.


Age 51, lost 45 pounds* on the Microbiome Diet

“Dr. Kellman doesn’t give up on you. He puts his whole heart and soul into what he does for you. It’s empowering to know that somebody’s standing beside you, compared to other doctors or weight-loss clinics that say, ‘Oh, put this in your mouth,’ and if that doesn’t work, then it’s your fault. Dr. Kellman has found the key to success for anybody with this approach—success with any type of health problem. The body will heal itself if you allow it to.”

*Individual results may vary.