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At the Kellman Center, we treat a wide range of health conditions, from thyroid disorders to neurological conditions to autoimmune diseases. Our unique perspective of health and healing makes us especially effective at helping individuals who suffer from multiple ailments or from unexplained symptoms.

Conventional medicine often attempts to classify and treat illnesses based on the specific organs or biological systems that are affected. By contrast, we recognize the interconnectedness of all the body’s systems with alternative medicine in NYC. We develop a comprehensive profile of each patient’s health, evaluating all of the systems and how they work together. By looking deeper, we can uncover and treat the root causes of symptoms by prescribing therapies that are personalized to the unique needs of the individual.

These pages describe how we apply our method of healing to common medical conditions. To learn how we can help you with your specific situation, call us at 212.717.1118 or schedule an appointment.