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Kellman Wellness Center now offers several cosmetic treatments in NYC.

Beauty is a two-way street; we treat patients from the inside out AND from the outside. Sandra Mckenzie, PA has extensive experience in cosmetic treatments as well as proper supplementation and lifestyle modifications to have you looking your very best. When you meet with Sandra, she will assess not only your options for cosmetic treatments in NYC, but also the underlying issues contributing to aging. We want you to look as good as you feel!


Xeomin is a neuromodulator, similar to Botox, but in a more natural state. It is extremely effective on superficial lines and wrinkles, especially between the brows, the forehead, and crow’s feet. In just one treatment, a youthful, alert and refreshed look can be restored.


Deep microneedles create micro-channels in the outer layer of the skin, which directs your collagen to respond and repair. This collagen influx plumps and smoothes the skin, and the microchannels allow deep penetration of targeted topical ingredients. The result is a youthful glow. Pores are tightened; over time acne scars and other imperfections diminish. See below for before and after photos.




We use natural growth factors harvested from your own blood in conjunction with our Collagen P.I.N. treatment for ideal skin rejuvenation. This highly activated platelet-rich plasma cannot be rejected (since it comes from you) and is extremely rich in anti-aging factors. The growth factors stimulate your reparative cells. The result is significant skin rejuvenation.


As we age, the natural hair growth cycle can be diminished. Sunetics laser treatments can significantly restore follicle health, easily and painlessly.

As with all cosmetic treatments, results are temporary and must be repeated for optimal results. Sandra will discuss your options at your first cosmetic appointment. 

Please call us at 212-717-1118 and schedule your cosmetic appointment with Sandra Mckenzie today.