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Welcome to the Kellman Wellness Center! Our free consultations provide a way for us to learn about you and your health issues, and for you to learn about our philosophy of care. We are Functional Medicine specialists who bring you the latest in Holistic and Integrative medicine.

Following your free consultation, the next step would be to schedule an Initial Medical Evaluation if you decide to proceed further. At that appointment, we will evaluate your medical status and begin creating your recommended treatment plan.

We look forward to being a part of your journey to optimal health.

Call us today at 212-717-1118 to schedule your FREE 10-Minute Consultation!

Free consultations are by appointment only - no walk-ins. The consultation does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship as we will not have the opportunity to review your health records or conduct appropriate testing. Your free consultation will be with our integrative practitioner Sandra Mckenzie. Free consultations are for new patients only. Only one free consultation per person please. Appointments can be in person or by telephone.