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We get to the root of your health problem.

Our unique approach to healing develops a comprehensive picture of an individual’s physical condition. We identify how the body’s various systems work together—or not—and the underlying causes for any health issues.

Much of our success in treating patients comes from a deep understanding of the microbiome, the ecosystem of bacteria that inhabit the digestive system. These microorganisms are integrally entwined with all of the body’s systems, influencing many aspects of health—from immune system function to genetic expression. Often, healing the microbiome – provides  a road map to long-term health.

This personalized approach to medicine is especially beneficial for patients with chronic, often unexplained diseases, as well as those with a known diagnosis who experience only partial relief with conventional medical therapy.

At the Kellman Center, we use conventional therapy in conjunction with functional medicine to treat the entire individual—we look at the entire person and uncover and correct the deeper causes of illness.