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Improve Your "Biological Immunity"

  • Based on scientific research and studies.
  • Nutrient deficiencies are common: our testing uncovers what your system needs for optimal immunity.
  • Our plan can reduce your risk significantly – especially if you have any underlying health issues such as respiratory disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes or heart disease – or are of advanced age.

The KELLMAN IMMUNITY PROGRAM improves your biological resiliency so that you will be less susceptible to Coronavirus – or any virus that comes your way. What’s more, if you do contract an illness, our immune-boosting program can significantly reduce its severity and duration. Our program is based on scientific research and is the result of many studies.

  • Our advanced immune-function and microbiome testing reveals exactly what nutrients and supplements are needed for YOU. Supplementation and treatments are not “one size fits all.”
  • We test your Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A levels and thyroid function and then recommend the levels of vitamins that are needed.
  • We recommend a microbiome-based food plan which will naturally boost immunity, based on your food sensitivities and dietary needs.
  • Immune-boosting probiotics and prebiotics – we prescribe the formulas that your system needs to thrive.
  • High-potency IV therapy: Vitamin C, Glutathione, Zinc and other immune enhancing compounds.
  • Selenium and Vitamin D testing – We find the exact levels that you need.
  • Levels can vary; for optimal immunity it is imperative to know the right levels for you.

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