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We Find The Root Causes For True Healing

At the Kellman Center, we understand that every chronic illness, every set of persistent symptoms, has a number of root causes.

We practice the art of integrative medicine, a fusion of conventional and functional medicine. By using the best of both disciplines, we craft a personalized treatment for each patient that yields incredible success. We focus on the health of the microbiome; when the microbiome is balanced, good health follows.

We consider all the systems of the body and how they interact, including the microbiome—the invisible organ made up of trillions of bacteria that controls and connects all the body’s systems. By understanding a patient’s diet and allergies, nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, exposure to toxins and stressors, and even his or her emotional health, our physicians develop a rich picture of each individual’s physical condition. We also use robust medical testing to develop a profile of each person’s unique genetic makeup.

This highly personalized and holistic understanding of each patient allows us to draft an individualized action plan. Recommended therapies often combine conventional medical treatments, dietary adjustments and supplements, and a variety of cutting-edge treatments to restore balance to the microbiome and to heal every system of the body.

We succeed when we discover the root causes of our patients’ suffering and put them on the road to lasting recovery with integrative medicine in NYC.